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We're Going to NECC 2008!!!

We're Going to NECC 2008!!!

wOOt!!! The DEN in SL submitted a proposal to present at NECC 2008 and IT WAS ACCEPTED!!! “The NECC 2008 Program Committee has completed its review of this year’s proposal submissions, and we are pleased to announce that you have been accepted to present at NECC. Please find the status of your submission(s) below: Creating

First 'Live Post' from SL

Laelia here, blogging ‘LIVE’ from DEN in SL. Yup, this is a test post. Wanted to see how the picture turns out. It’s all part of the BlogHUD package which I purchased. This will enable me to attend events, live blog, and send pictures from the location. Something along the lines of an ‘on the

Whose Space Is It Anyways?

As everyone is winding down for the holidays and getting ready for a much deserved winter break, I thought this would be a nice time to post this great email I received from a teacher who attended one of Day of Discovery trainings. I thought instead of just having one person give feedback, why not

Polymer Pond Creatures

What do a balloon, a piece of paper, and a CD have in common? Each is made of repeating units that are so small we cannot see them without a microscope. Scientists call objects made of repeating units polymers. Polymers are usually very flexible and stretchable.  Our unit on polymers included making a human polymer