Daily Archives: December 17, 2007

Check Your Mailboxes

Check Your Mailboxes

Email inboxes that is.  Your Winter Buddy’s name has been sent to you.  It’s time to start sharing winter messages.  Enjoy your newfound friends.  It’s not to late to gain a Winter Buddy.  Just send an email to ny.den.leaders@gmail.com and we’ll pair you with a new friend.

You've Just Got to Try Jott

OK everyone- I’m like, totally going to use this tool ALL the time! Jott is a free service that offers you a phone number to call in order to record a message that will be translated into text format and sent via email. Jotts can be sent to yourself or to a group of contacts.

Would You Help?

Invitation to Online Judging My school district has a Media Fair every year. This year, they are opening the judging to anyone with an internet connection and an interest in technology in education. My first thought was of my fellow DEN members, so here’s the request — Won’t you consider spending a little bit of

Great Opportunity to Travel on a Field Expedition

This was passed on to me from STAR DEN member and S.L. Leadership Council Chair Fred Delventhal (aka Riptide Furse). Thanks to the generosity of a local foundation, Earthwatch is looking for teachers and High School students from Virginia for fully paid fellowships on exciting scientific field expeditions. There is no experience necessary, just a