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Orchestrating Accidents

Orchestrating Accidents

NOTE: I cross-posted this on my Cliotech blog. I truly did “unplug” for a couple of days. I read the entire December 22, 2007 – January 4, 2008 issue of the Economist (a magazine that I really enjoy reading, but never have the time to fully digest). There were a few articles that really captured

Happy Holidays!

And what wouldn’t this time of year be without a little re-gifting? Thanks to a tip from Elaine Plybon over on the Texas blog, I see that the good people at Atomic Learning are offering up free access to their Video Storytelling Guide through January 15th. Better unwrap this one quick. I didn’t see that

Merry Christmas

Rather than grabbing and filing a link, I’m getting a head start on my New Years Resolutions…..I’m actually using BEFORE I file to see if it warrants keeping it.  Got notice of a Christmas Ornament generator so decided to post it here. Created with dumpr.net – fun with your photos