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Spring MACE Conference – 2008

Spring MACE Conference – 2008

The Mid-America Association for Computers in Education will be hosting its annual education technology conference in Manhattan on March 6th and 7th, 2008 on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan. This is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for educators, and a great low-cost option for school districts to support technological staff development.

A Little Bit of Hollywood – Past, Present, Future

Lots of different kinds of media in the first post of 2008. It will be a digital year! Numerologically, if you add the “2” to the “8” in 2008 you get all zeros and ones. Close enough. First, Young Hollywood: If you didn’t see Joe Brennan’s post, it still isn’t too late to judge the

Talking Photo in UNDER 20 seconds!

I kid you not!  Remember when I blogged about the PQ Talking Photo?  And I had heard that if you post their info on your blog you would get their software for FREE (yes, THAT ***MAGIC*** word for teachers! LOL).  Well I posted, and within LESS THAN 24 hours I get an e-mail w/ the

Keyboarding with Keybr.com

Via Riptide Furse. Know what I love? When I find a nice simple Web2.0 application that fills a direct classroom need, and could even replace software that my district spends its limited dollars on. Know what I mean? Take Keybr.com for example. When you go to the site, it displays a keyboard with the words

Green Screen 10.5

I guess a Leopard can change its spots if it’s Apple’s newest operating system. PC people with chroma key capability may want to stick with this post just for the example of a staff training video with green screen and Mac users should be warned that the specifics of this exercise are only done with

Help Out A Third Grade Class

I received an e-mail from a teacher in Massachusetts. They are looking to make connections with teachers and students from across the world. Dear Friend, Curious George is curious about how your town got it‚s name! Our third graders, in their community lesson, learn about the naming of our town, originally Jeffrey’s Creek and now

Tech Tidbit #3: 21st Century Copyrighting

The following was submitted by Jeff Moore 11.30.2007 I can hear the yawns already. Every so often, somebody looking to grind an ax grabs hold of copyright. The response is always the same. Educators are protected under the “fair use” doctrine. True, “fair use” provisions in copyright law protect educators to a certain extent (see

Mark Your Calendars!

The Michigan DEN is hosting a face-to-face/virtual conference on Saturday, Feb 2.   This event is available for all Michigan Discovery Streaming users.  Discovery is  providing virtual keynotes and the Michigan DEN will provide breakout sessions.  This all-day event will take place at Doherty Elementary School in West Bloomfield.  We are also hoping to also find