Daily Archives: January 8, 2008



Well…crash is not a pleasent word. My system went down just before break and I finally have my information back.  It was great to see the comments from Arkansas DEN members upon my return. Some upcoming events were mentioned for us to remember.  First on the list will be AAIM (Arkansas Association of Instructional Media)

Best of STAR Blogs

As more and more people give their own personal DEN blogs a try, we’re starting to see some amazing examples that are well worth sharing!   If you look at the right hand sidebar of this blog, you’ll see recent posts from the official Discovery blogs, the Leadership Councils, and also blogs done by individual STARs. 

Mark Your Calendar!

February 2nd is the date to mark.  The Discovery Educator Network is hosting online workshops that day in an effort to get DEN members from across the country involved in professional development.  In addition, several states are hosting “live” workshops that day.  Guess what! Tennessee is hosting a workshop, too!  Watch this space for more