Archives for January 9, 2008

  1. WoW 2.0 show review

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you DEN members that showed their support last night in the EdTechTalk chat room while the WoW 2.0 Show was going on last night. As Anne Truger (SL Council and good friend) can tell you, I was a basket of nerves leading up to the show. […]

  2. Presenting in SL Workshop

    LIVE BLOG…..if you’re around, please join us ast DEN in SL for our Wednesday Workshop presentation on ‘Presenting in SL’. As you can see we’ve got a FABULOUS turn-out and more seats can always be rezzed! OK, back to the workshop….posted by Laelia Laval on Eduisland II using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

  3. WHAT is going on here?

    I can’t teleport, I can’t move, I can’t do a thing except rotate around myself and take a snapshot. How pathetic is that? HELP ME!!!!! SOMEONE TP ME!!!!! Oh, and don’t forget…..Wednesday Workshop happening at DEN in SL on EduIsland II in 40 minutes……I SURE hope I can get there! LOLposted by Laelia Laval on […]

  4. New Tube!

    I asked my middle-school children a question this morning as I was driving them to school – “Do you know why some people call televisions “tubes”?” They responded that they did not, after which my husband and I started enlightening them on the wonderful, albeit ancient, world of the tubed television. Well, my post today […]

  5. Congrats to our own Texas STAR!

    In case you haven’t noticed yet, the latest DEN Educator Spotlight shines on our very own Hank Caruso! Hank has been a very active member of the DEN and can be spotted presenting on various Discovery streaming topics all over the state! Run over to the DEN website to read all about it and be […]

  6. Great Minds 2008

    The Great Minds Foundation Video Challenge, sponsored by local businessman Joe Elias, is looking for a few good high school and college video programs – about 1,000 to be exact! National Board Certified Teacher Jeff Doles of Barrington High School in Illinois would like to get twenty information kits out to each of the fifty […]


    The deadline to apply to participate in TECH 2008 at the State Capitol Building is Monday, January 14th!  If you haven’t already submitted an application, and would like to, please do so by Monday. Applications are being accepted online at LOCATION: State Capitol Building, Springfield, IL WHO SHOULD APPLY:  Teams of four (1 teacher […]

  8. Google Custom Search

      Happy New Year VA DEN! I wanted to share a great resource that Obe Hostetter, ITRT for Rockingham County sent to the ITRT listserve. Using Google Custom Search, Obe created a Google Search feature for his website. A Google Custom Search allows you to choose what websites you want Google to search, think of […]