Lunch with the Mythbusters

Today I had some leftover meatloaf and a few goldfish crackers for lunch.  Yesterday, I can’t remember what I ate.  But, I do remember that Adam and Jamie (aka the Mythbusters) were there.

A group of STAR Discovery Educators and I had the good fortune of meeting up with the Mythbusters for a very memorable lunch.  Personally, I can’t express how nice and welcoming they were to us.  Good conversation (even though my table of STARs completely abandoned me), good food and good pictures.

If you’re not totally disgusted that we were at lunch while you were working, you can check out more pics at Fred’s post :)


  1. Heather Hurley

    Sorry Lance :) At least we left you for celebrities. Thanks again for a great time.


  2. Mike Renfroe

    Thank you, Lance and DEN!! It was AWESOME! It was nice connecting with other DEN members, and having lunch with the Mythbusters was an added bonus (a very cool added bonus). It was a great time though…

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