Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

Book Talk on Wednesday, January 23rd

Book Talk on Wednesday, January 23rd

In case you’re wanting to join us on Wednesday, the book we will be discussing is ‘The Kids are Alright’ by John C. Beck.  It’s a great book that provides insight into our current student population, the gaming generation.  I’m sure you’ll experiencing many ‘aha’ moments as you read the book (I know I did!)

It's a Wrap – DEN in SL Webinar

Yes, ladies and gents!  The DEN in SL presented their FIRST webinar and if I might (humbly) say so myself — I think we did a great job.  We had a wonderful turnout, the LC council easily shared the mic (never thought that would happen! LOL) while Riptide managed the PowerPoint presentation.  I understand that

It's a Wrap – Gimme a Topic

Another Wednesday, another great ‘workshop’ at DEN in SL.  Tonight’s topic, facilitated by Celestia, was ‘Gimme a Topic’.  I loved the look of the DEN lobby where Cel had set up a seating arrangement comprised of all different types of chairs to represented the diversity in the DEN and the diversity in the topics we’re

On the go!

Every where you look, you see someone with an earpod hanging out their ear.  Even my 4 year old granddaughter keeps her mp3 player going as she sings to Hannah Montana. The busy life we all have keeps us from enjoying some things we need to stop for.  Thanks to podcasts, we can still keep

Deadline Extended

OK, so maybe you’re not headed to Disney World or the NFL, but you can still be a “Video All-Star.” The 21st Century Connections people have extended the deadline for their contest until the end of February. And since it’s leap year, you get an extra day on top of those extra four weeks. Here

DEN Virtual Conference at Discovery Headquarters

Join us for the first ever Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference on Saturday, February 2nd! Connect with educators from all over the country during this unique professional development experience where you can attend in-person, online, or both! The DEN Virtual Conference is a national event that provides educators a unique opportunity to experience Discovery Education’s