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Cool Global Collaborative Project

Cool Global Collaborative Project

  Cheryl Lykowski, a teacher from Monroe, is doing an awesome project.  Her classes are connecting with classes from Columbia using technology tools.  They videoconference using Skype, use a wiki to post podcasts and resources, and reflect upon their learning experiences using a blog.  Cheryl’s class recently visited Lansing to tell Michigan’s legislators about the project. 

Hello! Is anyone out there?

Hello my NY DEN friends! I was wondering how you were doing. Since we don’t get to chat much, I don’t know too much about you. Please take some time to complete my poll so I know what information you’d like to get from our NYDEN blog. If you’re not too shy, introduce yourself in

Call for Presenters

DEN in SL is putting out a ‘Call for Presenters’.  Here’s your big opportunity to present virtually (imagine how THAT would look on a resume!)! DEN in SL is looking for people to present at their convenience (remember, SL is a 24/7/366 world) on a topic of their choice.  If you need help narrowing the

Swept Away

Good thing I have Trish Fuglestad and her art students to keep me from dwelling too much on high school and middle school student video makers. Last year’s 5th graders won a local contest and went on to have their film be shown at an international festival in Naples. This year her 4th grade class