Archives for January 22, 2008

  1. DEN Virtual Conference

    Hey CA DEN’rs! Getting lost trying to start using all these cool tech ideas we share? Don’t want to fight traffic to attend a conference? Trouble no more – here’s your chance to attend a great DEN training event right from your own home. The first DEN Virtual Conference is happening on Saturday, February 2nd […]

  2. Welcome Christine

    The New York DEN Leadership Council would like to welcome Christine Southard on board the blog team. As you can see she’s already got a few posts going here. Christine, it is a pleasure to have you working with us. Thank you for agreeing to give of your time. I look forward to seeing what […]

  3. History Lessons

    I normally teach in a computer lab all day.  7th graders are working on writing skills and 8th graders are exploring options for high school and beyond.  But I have one class, the last period of the day, that doesn’t meet in a lab.  We have 5 classes scheduled that period, but only 4 computer […]

  4. Discovery Resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

      Are you looking for classroom ideas and resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?  Discoverystreaming has many new videos, audio files, images, and writing prompts available.  Click here for easy access to these resources.  Take students to the 1960’s and the Civil Rights movement with these resources.  Also get them thinking and writing about […]