Acceptance Emails are going out for TECH 2008 on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at the State Capitol Building

Acceptance letters and emails are being sent out for the TECH 2008 presentations at the State Capitol.  Your email will look something like this…

Congratulations! Your school/district has been selected to participate in ECH 2008 on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at the State Capitol Building in pringfield!  An acceptance packet containing detailed information about the event will be placed in the mail to your attention this week at the school address submitted on your TECH 2008 application.

Let us know if any DEN members were accepted…


  1. Scott Meech

    My project “Wikify” has been accepted for students from Plano Middle School to present.

  2. Tracy Selock

    My presentation: “E2T2: Look How Far We’ve Come” was accepted

  3. Scott Meech

    Fantastic title Tracy. What are you doing?

  4. Dawn Sayre

    Our project “Assessment with out Pencils” was accepted for Goodrich Elementary in Woodridge.

  5. Tracy Selock

    We are going to showcase how learning has changed because of E2T2. We’ve become more process based. What we do now allows for more student input and creativity. How about you Scott?

  6. Teri Rossman

    I created a project with a Literature teacher called Gamemaking as a Literary Presentation Tool. Our kids made their own video games based on A Wrinkle in Time.

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