FETC Day 2

Today was a very productive day in the realm of free web 2.0 tools for teachers. It started off with a video called “A Vision of Students Today” which a saw in a session and have put on this post. it was a strong and very true message and further advocates for the use of technology in the classroom.

I also learned about Voki, a program to create Avatars. If you have never heard of an avatar you need to check out the website at www.voki.com.

I am very interested in using wiki’s in my lessons and a few good free wiki creation sites I found out about today are wikispaces (www.wkispaces.com) and pbwiki (www.pbwiki.com). I plan to utilze these sites in the near future.

Poll Daddy (www.polldaddy.com) is a free tool to use if you are interested in posting polls on a website. Clustr Maps (www.clustrmaps.com) is also a cool web feature where you can visually see where people are located around the world who access your website. Podomatic is a free site to create and upload podcasts to share with students or colleagues.

I also learned about Screencasting, which is essentially taking video of what you are doing on your computer screen. I would like to utilize this technology but did not learn about any free cross platform software to do this. If you know of any please let me know so I can post it on the blog because I think this could be a valuable tool.


  1. Team Voki

    Thanks Jason!

    Teachers please visit our blog to see how one Voki teacher plans to use the speaking avatars in her classroom.

    Or stop by Classroom 2.0 and join the Voki discussion about this new, free, 2.0 teaching tool.

    What would your students say?

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