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  1. Another Flickr Tool for School

    Recently, I posted on the issues of copyrighting in the 21st Century. Here’s an interesting “project” from the Library of Congress that can help students better understand the Creative Commons concept: The Library of Congress has put up two VERY LARGE photo collections on Flickr for both educational use & to have the public add […]

  2. Zamzar…again

    While these tools are great, please, please, check with your district’s/school’s teacher acceptable use policy before using them. Many districts block certain sites for many reasons. We don’t want any teachers “in trouble” for going around the system…. ~DEN Management I’ve had a lot of success using the online file conversion tool, Zamzar. I’ve used […]

  3. Adlai Stevenson High School to host "Virtual" Discovery Educator Network Conference

    Connect with educators from all over the country during this unique professional development experience where you can attend in-person, online, or both. When: Saturday, February 2nd from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Where: Adlai E. Stevenson High School, 1 Stevenson Drive, Lincolnshire, IL 60069 in the East Commons, Room 4400 Register by Clicking Here: Select […]

  4. Acceptance Emails are going out for TECH 2008 on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at the State Capitol Building

    Acceptance letters and emails are being sent out for the TECH 2008 presentations at the State Capitol.  Your email will look something like this… Congratulations! Your school/district has been selected to participate in ECH 2008 on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at the State Capitol Building in pringfield!  An acceptance packet containing detailed information about the […]

  5. DEN Virtual Conference

    Hey CA DEN’rs! Getting lost trying to start using all these cool tech ideas we share? Don’t want to fight traffic to attend a conference? Trouble no more – here’s your chance to attend a great DEN training event right from your own home. The first DEN Virtual Conference is happening on Saturday, February 2nd […]

  6. Welcome Christine

    The New York DEN Leadership Council would like to welcome Christine Southard on board the blog team. As you can see she’s already got a few posts going here. Christine, it is a pleasure to have you working with us. Thank you for agreeing to give of your time. I look forward to seeing what […]

  7. History Lessons

    I normally teach in a computer lab all day.  7th graders are working on writing skills and 8th graders are exploring options for high school and beyond.  But I have one class, the last period of the day, that doesn’t meet in a lab.  We have 5 classes scheduled that period, but only 4 computer […]

  8. Discovery Resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

      Are you looking for classroom ideas and resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?  Discoverystreaming has many new videos, audio files, images, and writing prompts available.  Click here for easy access to these resources.  Take students to the 1960’s and the Civil Rights movement with these resources.  Also get them thinking and writing about […]

  9. If She Only Knew Me – Book Review

    This book is a must read for anyone who refers to themselves as an educator. After reading this book I had a new perspective on my students’ life outside the four walls of our school building. I have heard teachers say that their students believe they live in the school building and don’t have a […]

  10. Let the Students Teach

    Do you or your students have a case of the winter blahs?If so, try spicing up your approach to the science curriculum, by having your students teach the chapter instead of you. One of the cardinal rules of teaching is: “He or she who does the work learns the most.” Take advantage of this old […]

  11. Cool Global Collaborative Project

      Cheryl Lykowski, a teacher from Monroe, is doing an awesome project.  Her classes are connecting with classes from Columbia using technology tools.  They videoconference using Skype, use a wiki to post podcasts and resources, and reflect upon their learning experiences using a blog.  Cheryl’s class recently visited Lansing to tell Michigan’s legislators about the project.  […]

  12. Hello! Is anyone out there?

    Hello my NY DEN friends! I was wondering how you were doing. Since we don’t get to chat much, I don’t know too much about you. Please take some time to complete my poll so I know what information you’d like to get from our NYDEN blog. If you’re not too shy, introduce yourself in […]

  13. Call for Presenters

    DEN in SL is putting out a ‘Call for Presenters’.  Here’s your big opportunity to present virtually (imagine how THAT would look on a resume!)! DEN in SL is looking for people to present at their convenience (remember, SL is a 24/7/366 world) on a topic of their choice.  If you need help narrowing the […]

  14. Swept Away

    Good thing I have Trish Fuglestad and her art students to keep me from dwelling too much on high school and middle school student video makers. Last year’s 5th graders won a local contest and went on to have their film be shown at an international festival in Naples. This year her 4th grade class […]

  15. Texas STARs Make TechEdge!

    If you’ve received the Winter 2007 TechEdge, the first thing you probably noticed is the really interesting guy on the back cover. But once you open the magazine and start to read, what will you see? You’ll see an article by Mitch Aiken entitled AFI’s Center for Student Film. What is so exciting about this article? […]

  16. Workshop with Kathy Sharock

    Workshop #2      (Limited Seating-first come, first serve) {Registration Begins February 1st and Closes February 13th for this Live – one hour “Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0″ Webinar to be held on February 15th from 10am to 11am. This one hour live Webinar is available for Members only in the Arkansas IDEAS Learn Now! system. […]

  17. Well, Which one Is it?

    The following is a collection of some of my thoughts in response to Jeff Moore’s tech tidbit #4 (post below this one). We hear it all the time: Compete, Compete, Compete! 21st Century technology will help educators better prepare our students to compete in the global workplace. And, ever since the dynamic emergence of Web […]

  18. Tech Tidbit #4: The Revolution will Not be Televised (but Will Likely End Up on YouTube)

    submitted by Jeff Moore on 12.7.2007   It’s been an important couple of years in technology. New operating systems from Apple and Microsoft, the rise of personal media players, the reinvention of television through TiVo and other “on demand” technologies, hybrid and even fuel cell technology in transportation, next-generation entertainment consoles, the slow but certain […]

  19. DEN-Virtual Conference…Greatest Virtual and Live Event In the South

    Two great Louisiana locations and one great Discovery Education Network Virtual Conference on February 2nd! Don’t miss out! Louisiana is fortunate enough to host two “Live” conferences including awesome keynotes speakers and breakout sessions. If you live in North Louisiana you can attend the “Live” conference at Northwood High School in Shreveport and if you […]

  20. IOWATER and GIS

                  I want to share with you a really cool resource available to you for free over the Internet. If you have ever used GIS software before you should be fully aware of the power it has in teaching due to the vast amount of information at your fingertips. If […]

  21. Why I think the DEN Virtual Conference is important & what it means to me to participate:

    First of all, it’s FREE! And, like many other events in the emerging field of online professional development, the conference will be run by VOLUNTEERS! These volunteers are educators who have decided to take hold of the reigns of professional development and become masters of their own destiny- and help provide the tools for their […]

  22. Enjoy the Ambiance

    I teach elementary school (there, I said it. Please don’t judge me ) In my classroom, I like to use quiet music in the background when students are working. I know a lot of teachers find the value in a peaceful work environment and students working quietly to the sound of Enya (or something else […]