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Save the Date – February 27th

Save the Date – February 27th

Mark your calendars now — join me, Laelia Laval, on Wednesday, February 27th at 5:00 p.m. SLT (8 p.m. EST) for ‘Your Inventory IS NOT Your Junk Closet!’ workshop.  Do you dread clicking on ^Inventory^ when you’re in SL?  Can’t find those shoes that went with your ‘Look At Me’ outfit? Remember getting an educational


Back in December, I was ‘bummed’ as my students would say, that I missed the Daniel Pink Webinar on how right-brainers will rule the world. I was busy grading papers for a deadline. Imagine that? Luckily, Webex has it’s own recording feature, sort of like TiVo for WebEx. All the guest webinars are archived online.

Save the Date – February 20th

Yes, I know….I skipped February 13th…that IS NOT an oversight! DATE:  February 20, 2008 WORKSHOP: Excuse Me, Could You Move The Sun? PRESENTER: Celestia Cazalet DESCRIPTION: This workshop is for any avatar, whether a newbie or a veteran, who would like to take control of their camera in SL. We will learn how to add the Client

Save the Date – February 6th

Hi Guys! What an incredible weekend!  DEN’s first (and I’m betting NOT last) Virtual Conference was a hit!  So many of my blog colleagues on the DEN website have done a fabulous job wrapping up and processing the day’s event that I won’t even make that attempt.  Some of my LC members went into Second

Florida ’08.1 FETC

  Continuing to catch up to the end of January, here are some of my highlights from FETC On Tuesday as I was just about to board my plane, Hall called asking me to find a DVD of the first Matrix movie while I waited for him in the Orlando airport. Fortunately, they had one

Houston Area Day of Discovery a Success!

From Guest Blogger, Ann Jablonski, of Pasadena ISD: We had 35 participants, 8 presenters, and a great day this past Saturday on location in Pasadena for the DEN’s 1st virtual conference event. Educators came from different areas around Houston to share the day. Presenters shared techniques and classroom examples on digital storytelling, movie making, benefits

Hockey, Anyone?

If you like a good game of hockey, you’ll like this deal. If you like to pay less for tickets, you’ll love it! The Dallas Stars are designating two upcoming games as teacher appreciation nights. What does that mean to you? It means half-price tickets! The games are February 28 (vs. Chicago) and March 5 (vs. Phoenix).

Another Network to think about for IL Educators

Check out http://goldenappleten.org / http://goldenapple.org/ Golden Apple’s Teaching Excellence Network is a place to create, experiment, debate, connect, and explore the world of teaching with other excellent educators. The Golden Apple Foundation advances the teaching profession by: Recruiting and preparing highly motivated individuals to become teachers in Illinois schools of greatest need Providing professional development