Daily Archives: February 5, 2008

The Real and the Virtual at a Great School

The Real and the Virtual at a Great School

OK, I was at MacWorld (as faculty in the education strand) and met Steve Wozniac— and didn’t blog. I was at FETC, where I spoke several times and began a meaningful dialogue with David Thornburg. And didn’t blog. I went to the Discovery corporate meeting where CEO David Zaslav was. No blog.   So why now?

Save the Date – February 13th

Back by popular demand is Thonalon Umarov with a building workshop, ‘Tinker Toys Basic Building’.  Join us on this Wednesday Workshop and learn basic building vocabulary (‘What’s a prim you say?’), how to create prims (highest level of Bloom’s — Create), and modify your object with textures.  Challenge yourself to make a gift for your

DEN Virtual Conference a Success!

On Saturday, Feb 2nd, 30 educators got together for a great professional development event. The first DEN Virtual Conference went off without a hitch. I want to thank all of the educators that joined us in Silver Spring. Thank you for giving up your Saturday to be with us. In addition to the Virtual Keynotes,

Adobe, ISTE and the DEN in Texas!

We are at TCEA in Austin, TX at the first ever Adobe, ISTE and Discovery collaborative pre-conference event. Chris O’Neal just kicked things off with an engaging and interactive discussion about unpacking the NETS*S – the new ISTE standards for students. Here is his PPT. TCEA CO