Archives for February 6, 2008

  1. A Virtual Success!

     A thousand thank yous to everyone who made the 1st Annual DEN Virtual conference such a smashing success! On a personal note, a special shout out to Bev Plein for hosting us Jersey Girls at her school in North Jersey   We had a great time “sitting in” on all of the conference events together […]

  2. Guest Bloggers Needed!

    I’m sitting here wishing I could be at TCEA so that I could blog about it and have realized that I have a lot of people I can count on to do just that! If you are at TCEA and would like to add a blog post about your experiences this week, email me and […]

  3. XO’s

    You might think this post is about old Coach Brennan dusting off the playbook and throwing his hat in the ring for Bobby Knight’s former job, but it’s actually about the One Laptop per Child Program (OLPC) or the “$100 laptop” as the press had labeled it. Local district tech director Chris Brown put out […]

  4. PAB? ABC?

    I heard a comment from one of my teachers about the PAB structure for Discovery Assessments.  Her opinion was that, although interesting, she really would prefer to eliminate the P test and get immediate grade-level information.   She felt that the sooner she could get information that was aligned with what the kids would see on […]

  5. MECA Conference Presentations

    I want to thank everyone who came to the MPB and Discovery Education sessions at MECA.  We were flattered to have so many of you return for multiple sessions.  As I promised I have posted the PowerPoints to the sessions you may have attended.  Please feel free to use them to enahnce the education students […]