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Interactive White Boards and Interactive Tablets

Interactive White Boards and Interactive Tablets

How many of you are currently using interactive white boards or wireless tablets?  Is one better than the other or are they both equally as useful in the classroom? It seems like there is a big effort in many schools to improve technology by incorporating interactive  white boards but I feel as though there are

Blab away with Blabberize!

Sometimes its the simplest sites that turn into your favorites. Certainly is that way with Blabberize. If you’ve ever seen Conan O’Brien, then you’re familiar with the idea. Take an image of a famous person, make their mouth move like a ventriloquist dummy, and then add your own soundtrack. Hilarity ensues. I know, I’m a

EdTechConnect with CoolCatTeacher herself, Vicki Davis!

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of educational blogging, then I’m sure I don’t need to introduce you to Vicki Davis.  Her blog, CoolCatTeacher, is one of the most popular blogs in the EduBlogosphere.  The Flat Classroom Project wiki won an EduBlogs Award for Best Wiki of 2008.  She is a master at

Completely Procrastinated, Much Delayed Post-Conference Post

Back in the PA satellite office today with some time to clean up my presentations and get them posted. Specifically, here are the two that have been requested from FETC and PETE&C. 50 Ways to Integrate DE streaming (screenshot edition) Don’t Look at the Duck: Technology Tips in a Differentiated Classroom