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Project Time

Project Time

If you were looking for some collaborative projects to do with your students, I have some ideas to share with you: Upcoming TechnoSpud Projects Saint Patrick’s Day Project – 2008 The Great Egg Roll – 2008 ____________________________________________________________________ The Mysteries of Harris Burdick Project on the ClassroomBooktalkWiki Get involved in a collaborative writing process regarding the

Compete to Become the DEN’s Science Teacher of the Year

Discovery Education’s Young Scientist Challenge has officially launched and this year’s theme is “The Science of Space.”  In addition to being to being the premier national science competition for students in grades 5 through 8, this year’s challenge is also open to Discovery Educators.  Any Discovery Educator can enter the contest and compete to win

TravBuddy In The Classroom

I recently visited the profile of a friend of mine on MySpace. He had just returned from a trip to South Korea and had posted a map on his profile that showed all the countries he’s visited in his lifetime. I decided to go visit TravBuddy (the site that had produced the map) and check