Human Body: Pushing the Limits

Have you seen Discovery Channel’s latest hit – Human Body: Pushing the Limits? It’s a series that blends extraordinary computer imagery and real-world stories to reveal how our bodies perform.

The even better news is that these programs and their core concepts clips are available in DE streaming Plus and DE Science for Middle School. Enjoy!


  1. Dave Solon

    Very cool stuff! On a similar note: anyone interested in a DEN field trip to Baltimore to see BodyWorlds?
    If so, email me and maybe we can set something up –
    dave_solon at

  2. Sonja Phillips

    I would love to meet up with you – my husband and I will be in Baltimore March 26-30 (we’re from WV) and think this would be an awesome opportunity to meet other DEN members!

  3. Elaine Plybon

    I’ve seen BodyWorlds, it’s an awesome and memorable experience. Too bad I’m too far away for a DEN field trip, though!

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