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Spring Buddies??

Spring Buddies??

Okay so Winter Buddies was a good idea for networking. Anyone game for trying Spring Buddies? We’d love to hear about it if you made a successful connection with your Winter Buddy. Here’s the deal… Just like this Winter only new buddies and new theme: Would you be interested in making a Spring Buddy? It’s

Become a STAR!

Did you kow that STAR Discovery Educators have access to a super-extended trial to DE Science?  The trial is good until July 1, 2008.  Those who have used it LOVE it!  Learn how to become a STAR Discovery Educator here.  We would like to have many new STAR members from Michigan! 

"Real" assessments

Here in Florida we have begun FCAT, which mean two weeks of intensive criterion referenced and norm-referenced assessment at grades 3-11.  As I watch the students focus all their energies on FCAT, I am struck by how the level of effort applied on these assessments differs from that applied on other assessments, including Think Link.  While

Bringing Biology to Life

Note: I cross-posted this on my cliotech blog. Okay – I admit that the title is pretty corny, but I really wanted to share a resource that I came across in eSchool News today. The research department at Children’s Hospital Boston has developed a series of web-based Flash tutorials to present complex medical and biological

Discovery Atlas an Interactive Map

Have you seen Discovery Education’s Atlas? It is an interactive map based on the Discovery Channel’s landmark Atlas series. It has exclusive clips from that series and thousands of videos about countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Go to United Steaming. (Remember here in Alabama,  go through APT Plus. They are paying for United Streaming for