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Webinar Files Posted: Gigapxls Galore

Webinar Files Posted: Gigapxls Galore

Missed the webinar on March 11? I updated the Powerpoint from the Webinar and it’s posted below. It explains in more detail the topics we covered. The pdf file is probably the most useful. PowerPoints tend to gum up when they include video, but it’s there, too. The previous post (below) has videos that demonstrate

NCAECT Conference Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended one of the DEN sponsored sessions or stopped by the Discovery Education booth during NCAECT.  If you are not already a DEN Star member, take the time to apply to become a Star Discovery Educator so that you can become a part of the most engaging educational community.  Below

St. Patrick's Day and Great Info from LPB

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted. With state testing it has been a little crazy as I am sure it has for many of you. I hope that everyone is having a GREAT St. Patrick’s day. I found several great videos on the history channel for a lesson on

Even More Makin’ Movies with Joe Brennan

You know Joe, right?  If you have even a remote passing interest in Digital Stoyrtelling, then you surely know Joe.  He’s the author of our Digital Storytelling blog.  He’s the guru that has toured the country presenting the AFI series, Lights Camera Education!  And he’s also been the host of some of our most requested

RTI: The New Normal

If you do any teaching with kids who have suspected learning disabilities (and who doesn’t?), then you have probably heard of Response to Intervention, or RTI. RTI is designed to help diagnose learning disabilities by requiring students to be engaged in research-based interventions (targeted at the suspected problem) over a period of time.  No longer