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DE streaming Resources for Digital Storytelling

DE streaming Resources for Digital Storytelling

It’s spring and many a teacher’s fancy turns to video projects once the standardized testing marathon and break are over. Discovery Education streaming is loaded with ideas and tutorials. So let’s take a look and find what’s lurking in the Professional Development area in the Trainer’s Toolkit. You will need to be logged in to

Where Do You Learn?

I was asked to generate a list of professional organizations for educators in PA. This list will become part of the induction resources that Central Bucks SD provides to new teachers. I thought that I’d share the list with you. If I am leaving out anything, please post a comment. I created this list as

Conference/Professional Development Overload

Attend a conference lately? I have. In fact, last week felt odd because I wasn’t at a conference. FETC, Discovery National Conference, IL-TCE and MACUL all in the last month. At each conference I heard the same general comment, “I’m overwhelmed.” Conferences are great, you connect with peers from all over, learning the latest and

2008 Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge

It’s that time of year again! Time for all middle school students to dust off their lab coats, clean out their test tubes and… grab their camcorders? That’s right, it’s time for the 2008 Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge! This is the 10th year of the challenge. In the past 9 years, over 540,000 students