Where Do You Learn?

I was asked to generate a list of professional organizations for educators in PA. This list will become part of the induction resources that Central Bucks SD provides to new teachers. I thought that I’d share the list with you. If I am leaving out anything, please post a comment. I created this list as a Google Doc. It is posted at http://snipurl.com/221pa. If you would like for me to share this document with you, you can sign into your Google Docs account, open the list (http://snipurl.com/221pa), click on Edit This Page (lower right corner), and request an invitation.


Social Studies

Language Arts


World Languages

Related Arts


Library and Media Science


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  1. Peggy Barger

    Thanks Jen – what a resource!!

  2. RJ Stangherlin

    Absolutely tremendous resource and idea! I will pass it along to teachers in our district.

  3. Jim Hopton

    Hi Jen,
    We will share this list with our graduate students. Also, I would include in this list connected events such as NECC, PETE&C, TRETC, etc.

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