Archives for March 25, 2008

  1. Gentle Reminder — Wednesday Workshop on March 26th

    Don’t forget!  ESPECIALLY those of you who attended the ‘Your Inventory is NOT Your Junk Closet’ workshop!  Tomorrow evening we’ll be taking the next step with our inventory control (are you reading this Riptide?!?!?  LOL) and learning how to ‘Build It and Box It’.  You’ll learn how to build a container to ‘store’ all your […]

  2. Get your blog on!

    Did you know that as a STAR Discovery Educator, you get your very own personal blog here at  You can use it as a personal blog, for your classroom, to document your learning, to share ideas with other educators, the possibilities are endless!  Of course, it doesn’t do you any good at all if […]

  3. DEN Store Now Open

    Those who know me know I love to shop. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but obsession would be okay. Shopping got me into S.L. where I could buy clothes virtually. Now the DEN has opened an online store where I can get lots of items with the DEN logo that I don’t need, but […]