Spring Fling!

The California DE leadership council is proud to host an April bash at our DEN Director, Jannita Demian’s home.

The entire Discovery Educator Network team is going to be there so don’t miss out. Hall Davidson, Steve Dembo, balloon animalsScott Kinney, Lance Rougeux, Kim Randall, Matt Monjan, Justin Karkow, Brad Fountain, Mike Bryant and Dennis Swain are scheduled to make an appearance, so don’t miss out!

Pool, spa and fire pit (smores to be roasted) will be open. Burgers and sodas will be provided. Bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share. BYOB. Here’s how to get in on the action: Take a look at the flyer for more info and view the Directions to the Anaheim Hills home here. Finally, you must RSVP as a comment to this blog so we know you will be joining us. Please mention if you will be bringing a guest(s) or a side dish/dessert. We’ll be waiting for you!

PS, there will not be a clown making balloon animals… sorry


  1. Sarah Johangiry

    Hello Everyone!! Sounds like a ton of fun!!!!! I will be there with my hubby and a dessert to share:)

  2. Jannita Demian

    Looking forward to having everyone over! Hubby and I will be there with a side dish to share! Hmm… I wonder who will get thrown in the pool first!?!? Will it be Hall or Steve?

  3. Steve Dembo

    Actually, i DO know how to make balloon animals! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll bring some balloons with and make a few :)

    There’s also a rumour that there may be a Rock Band competition occuring there! Details to follow.

  4. Hall Davidson

    If I get thrown in the pool, I’m bringing the underwater breather. So, are there instruments there–electronic or otherwise? Should I bring a piano? If we each bring one key, then together we can build a piano….

  5. Debbie Salahi

    Hi! I am excited to be invited to one of your famous parties. I will bring my husband and a side dish to share.

  6. Debbie Salahi

    I just noticed you wanted to know what side dish. I will bring veggies. We’re looking forward to it.

  7. Kim Randall

    I bet I’ll be thrown in first….I’ll make sure I have my scuba gear on and ready. Hall, do bring the underwater breather!

  8. Linda Moore

    I’ll be there (possibly with another body). Definitely will have a side dish. Can’t wait. I’m actually in town for a function.

  9. Jennie

    Hey everyone…can’t wait to see you all again. Put me down for two.

  10. Dennis Grice

    You’ve got a beautiful new house – can’t wait to see it with everything unpacked! I’ll bring a box of Twinkies.

  11. Susan Hemans

    Sounds like fun to me – and close too. Put me down for two and a dessert. See you on the 13th.

  12. James Norwood

    I will be there! I can bring green bean casserole.

  13. Carol Anne

    Bobby & I will be there! Yippee! You have to LOVE the California DEN!!!

  14. Judy Williams

    I am really excited to come and splend time with the great CA DEN. I jsut got back from NSTA in Boston and yes, the CA DEN is the best ever. Our “DEN mom” has an awesome reputation!!!!WE should be so lucky!
    I will come with my Hubby, Bobby, and bring a dessert. Maybe dome Ding Dongs!

    Judy Williams

  15. Genevieve Kahlweiss

    I am looking forward to the CA DEN fun. It is the best in the WORLD!I will bring a side dish and lots of laughs! See you all soon! Will Shamu be coming? “Just DON’t gives me no sharks!”

  16. Brett Harvey

    Megan and I love BBQ. We’ll whip up some good dessert.

  17. Janet English

    I’m coming to watch the synchronized swimming!

  18. Linda Foote

    Evan and I will be there with a side dish. The CA DEN is always the best adventure!

  19. Cindi

    All down in SoCal have fun (gas is waayyyy to expensive) and best wishes to the parents to be!!!

  20. Melanie Ruiz

    My hubby and I will be there! Not sure about what I will be bringing to share yet… Can I bring my 3 yr old son? Sounds like this may be an adults only party! =D

  21. Jeremy Davis

    Hey all, we (my wife Marni and I) will be there, and will bring some dessert. Maybe I can convince her to make her famous chocolate/peanut butter/banana/reeses brownie pizza….

  22. Marie Belt

    My hubby and I will be there! We will bring some kind of salad…Thanks for hosting!

  23. bev Matheson

    Sounds like a great time…I will be there with a desert

  24. Ken Shelton

    I would like to tentatively repondre sil vous plais (RSVP). I have not seen whether or not small children are welcomed guests. I have an 18 month old I would like to bring, but if children are not then I will most likely stop by anyway. I will have a dolci as well.

  25. Jannita Demian

    Hi everyone! You may certainly bring children, however you’ll just have to keep an eye on them as there is no pool cover on right now :)
    Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

  26. Kimberly Mattingly

    I am going to try and make it. I will be coming back from a girl scout camping event. I plan on bringing dessert. Can’t wait to see everyone! :)

  27. Julie Mildrew

    Yea! I just had a change in my schedule and I can make it! You can never have too many deserts in my book so count me in.
    Thank you Jannita for hosting.

  28. Sawsan Knobel

    I will be there. Put me down for two and will bring desert too. Can wait to see your new home Jannita, thanks for hosting.

  29. Suzanne Wesp

    Looking forward to the big event. I will bring a side dish since so many are bringing dessert. There will hopefully be 2 of us. See you Sunday!!

  30. Mike Lawrence

    The Lawrences also plan to attend – all FOUR of us! It will be Kellen’s first party!!! See you all there! Anything we can bring?

  31. Darla Johnston

    I just heard about the CA DEN at the CUE conference and would love to go to this event. I was not able to open the flyer or information page to find out when it was. Can somebody help me? Thanks, Darla

  32. Mike Botte

    Jenn and I are in! Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

  33. Martha Snider

    Is there any way to attend cyberly? While I’d love to be there in person, I’m as the song says, “Stuck in Lodi, ” for now.

  34. Ray Waller

    Colette and I can’t wait to hang with you all and roast some smores…we’ll bring some sweeeeet dessert, Laurean’s garage had better be ready for inspection.

  35. Janet

    D r a t . Sometimes life doesn’t allow you to do the things you really want to do. I’m sorry that I can’t join you – don’t buy a burger for me. (I’m having trouble putting together your synchronized swimming whirli-gig that I’ve been creating in my mind for you.) Instead of being with you, I’ll be thinking of the swimming capped heads bobbing up and down in your cool new pool. (Keep those toes pointed!)



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