Got a good caption?

Lee Kolbert has posted a recap of the Palm Beach Technology Conference that she hosted, and also shared a few photos.  There’s one choice photo of Hall on her blog of him in the booth doing… well, we’re not exactly sure WHAT he’s doing.

So….  Why don’t YOU let us know what he’s doing!


Just to kick things off, here’s my entry:

“Hall is being interviewed by Fortune Teller Magazine about how to tell the future using a rubber band, coat hangar, and video iPod.”


  1. Lee

    LOL! I love it. Beats my, “explaining how to tell if a grapefruit is ripe.”

  2. Jason Cochrane

    Hall is saying, “Let me tell you how to tell the difference between a digital native and myself in 5 easy steps.”

  3. Cheryl Woolwine - North Florida

    Hall is offering the lady the directions to second life as he enters it through a virtual portal reaching out to open the door.

  4. Betty Jo English

    Hall is explaining the concept of “spidering”.

  5. Denise Thomas

    “This is how I captured and destroyed a ‘Trojan Horse’ while vacationing along the internet highway.”

  6. Mary Jo Bell

    “Yes, Patrick from Spongebob really does have 5 arms and I’m sure he has relatives living in Palm Beach!” Hall explains.

  7. Peggy Barger

    JPeg (Jim and Peggy) muse that he’s a mime, mimicking a marionette master on Monday morning, Oh my!

  8. Mike Bryant

    Hall: “The proper way to carry multiple conference bags? Ok, go to Google … zoom in … here’s the picture of me at this conference showing the proper way to carry swag.”

  9. Greg Whitney

    Yes I was a shop teacher and see I do have all my fingers.

  10. Debra Bohanan

    While doing my underwater podcast, this octopus came out of nowhere, grabbed my iPod and swam off.

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