DEN Spring Training: Week 1

week 1

With week one of DEN Spring Training under our belt, the Mid-Atlantic Region is off to a good start, but keep in mind that it’s a long season until June.  I caught up with the Mid-Atlantic’s Manager, Matt Monjan for a brief phone interview to talk about his team’s early success.

Week 1 interview

In other spring training news, if you want to know how many events you have reported since the beginning of this school year please send an email to Jennifer Gingerich at

For those of you wo have already recruited a new STAR, we will have a survey in May for you to complete.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get your DEN jersey!




  1. Elaine Plybon

    I’m feeling really unintelligent this morning – what does SB mean? :)

  2. Lori Abrahams

    Thanks Elaine for asking and thanks Lance for clarifying.

  3. MaryAnn Sansonetti

    The Mid-Atlantic is goin’ down… Brad and I have been talking and we gotta plan… Look out DEN the south will break through!

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