Archives for April 6, 2008

  1. Now You See It

    If you take a look at the two photos you’ll see my face is MUCH brighter in this photo. That’s thanks to the PhotoFace Lighting from TESLA (Tesla – 46, 74, 54). The *FREE* (yup, I said *FREE*) attachment is located in a box near the front door next to the Lucky Chairs.posted by Laelia […]

  2. No You DON'T See It

    Wait until the next picture! Pay close attention to the shadows on my face. I’m at DEN in SL sitting in a baseball mitt next to the fireplace.posted by Laelia Laval on Eduisland II using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

  3. Gentle Reminder – April 9th

    Don’t forget to join us for another Wednesday Workshop.  This week Cal Kjeller will be presenting, ‘Inside Moodle’ — Are you still not sure whether that Course Management System everyone is talking about is called Moodle or Noodle? If so, then this presentation is just for you! See you at DEN in SL at 5 […]