Archives for April 14, 2008

  1. Google Lit Trips

    What is a Google Lit Trip you ask? Well… that’s up to you! Google Lit Trips are a fast growing trend in the classroom that combine literary works and the genius that is Google. Imagine taking your students to each page of Make Way for Ducklings or following those infamous duds in The Sisterhood of […]

  2. Day of Discovery – Bucks County

    FYI – If you were unable to attend the Bucks County Day of Discovery, but RJ’s blog posts inspired you to learn more . . . Thanks to the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (especially to Pam Newman and Mark Hoffman), the presentation materials and handouts for the Bucks County Day of Discovery are available online […]

  3. Why Sports Matter

      EXCLUSIVE INVITATION FOR THE EDUCATION COMMUNITY:  Special Preview Event, May 1st   Opening in May 2008, the Sports Museum of America will help teachers and coaches seeking to educate and inspire students of all grade levels.  Students will experience floor-to-ceiling video screens, state-of-the-art computer interactives and rare sports memorabilias you can pick up and […]

  4. Upcoming NJEA Events

    Visit the NJEA Website for more information April 2008 3 – 6 NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Grant Selection Committee Meeting 4 – 5 NJEA Higher Ed Conference 5 Student NJEA Conference 12 NJEA Teaching & Learning Symposium 15 School Election Day 16 NJEA Executive Committee Meeting 17 NJREA Spring Luncheon 26 Abbott School Leadership Council […]