Daily Archives: April 18, 2008

A Dynamite DEN Drive-In!

post copied from Matt Monjan’s BlogJoin us on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 6:00pm EST for the first ever Mid-Atlantic DEN STAR Drive-in. What will the drive in feature be you ask? The DEN of course! We’ll have our DEN Stars take you behind the scenes and explain why they joined and discuss what they

DEN Spring Training: Week 3

Quite a shake up in the standings this week! Coach Randall’s West Region pulled into second place and Gummy Bear Bryant’s Midwest squad jumped into fourth. A total of 23 different states have reported new STARs so far and the momentum continues to build. In other spring training news, managers Swain (neck), Karkow (shoulder) and

Top 10 Ed Videos

Over on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog Vicki Davis is looking for the 10 best videos for promoting educational change. Drop in to add your favorite or see what’s in the running. And more than just a popularity contest, Vicki is looking to give tech ed evangelists “something that helps them ‘sell’ what they are

Young Scientist Challenge – For Teachers, Too!

The Discovery-3M Young Scientist Challenge kicked off with a technology challenge as the online seminar locked up on my computer. Fortunately, old pal and fellow media maven Joe Brennan was able to take over from his. One fine thing about this Challenge is that it is NOT about technology. It’s about creativity and communication and