DEN Spring Training: Week 3

week 3

Quite a shake up in the standings this week! Coach Randall’s West Region pulled into second place and Gummy Bear Bryant’s Midwest squad jumped into fourth. A total of 23 different states have reported new STARs so far and the momentum continues to build.

In other spring training news, managers Swain (neck), Karkow (shoulder) and Fountain (hand) are all on the DL after suffering minor injuries playing Rock Band at the DEN’s League meetings this past week in California. We expect them all to return to action next week.


  1. Jannita Demian

    Watch out… the West is catching up!

  2. Rebecca Amerson

    May I make a suggestion? Please show the events we have registered on our personal information page when we log-in. I want to be sure to earn my water bottle during spring training! It is hard for me to remember if I’ve correctly reported! Spring is a busy time for everyone! Thanks for all you do for educators everywhere!

  3. Kim Randall

    That’s right….here we go, DEN “Princess” Coach Randall’s team has a 200 person event this weekend in Cali, so watch out, here we come!

  4. Matt Monjan

    WAY TO GO MID-ATLANTIC! I’m so proud of you guys – we’re up by double figures and climbing! It’s really not even fair any more.

    Way to go MD, NJ, OH, PA, and VA (done in Alpha order because each state is freakin’ great!) let’s bring this puppy home!!!

  5. Traci Blazosky

    LOVE to see the Mid-Atlantic leading once again… AWESOME! Go PA!

  6. Katie Knapp, VA LC Chair

    Again…Mid-Atlantic rocks!!

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