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DEN Summer Institutes: Q&A Webinar

DEN Summer Institutes: Q&A Webinar

If you’ve been invited to either the DEN Leadership Council Institute (July 14-18) or the DEN National Institute (July 21-25) this summer at Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, join us for a Q&A session that will answers all of your questions about travel, food, roommates, and more. Topic: DEN Summer Institutes Q&A Date: Thursday,

Virginia Rocks!!!

If you haven’t heard, Virginia is in first place in the DEN Spring Training competition! We are well on our way to winning the State Challenge (the state with the most STAR Discovery Educators recruited during DEN Spring Training will receive a Day of Discovery featuring Hall “of Famer” Davidson and other major leaguers from

DEN Event Hits One Out of the Ball Park!

We had a fabulous time Saturday at the American Museum of Science and Energy. The facilities sit in the middle of Tennessee’s former “secret city,” Oak Ridge. It was called the “secret city” because scientists were working on nuclear weaponry there during World War II. Sally Walters was first at bat with “50 Ways to