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  1. SC DEN and StreamlineSC

    Nothing could be finer than some wings in Carolina with the DEN folks! What a great week! The SC Leadership Council would like to thank SC ETV for hosting three fantastic days of FREE technology workshops. Educators from all over the great Palmetto state had the opportunity to learn new tricks and tips for educational […]

  2. Tech Forum

    Got a chance to meet some new friends today and reconnect with old ones at “Technology & Learning” magazine’s Midwest TechForum. What started out as a shared digital storytelling student showcase with good buddy Jon Orech grew into a full Makin’ Movies presentation in order to cover a friend’s session when he suddenly became ill. […]

  3. DEN Summer Institutes: Updates and FAQs

    Due to SPAM filter issues a bunch of STARs are just now discovering that they’ve been accepted to one of the DEN Summer Institutes.  Because of that I’ve extended the deadline for accepted STARs to submit their registration payment until Friday, May 9, 2008.  If you applied for the DEN National Institute or the DEN […]

  4. Social Networking at TechForum Midwest

    Today I feel pretty darn privileged because I get to spend the day networking at TechForum Midwest, which just happens to be local for me No flight required! Highlight of the day has been the networking taking place. Sheryl Nussbaum Beach set the right tone with her opening keynote, encouraging the attendees to spend time […]

  5. ISMF 2008

    OK, you know the standard senior moment excuse, “The second thing to go is the memory and I just can’t remember what the first is right now…” Well, I’m running out of reasons for overlooking some media contests, especially old friends like the International Student Media Festival. Completing their tour of Disney theme parks this […]

  6. Day of Discovery, May 14th 2008

    Join us for an engaging technology-infused professional development day focused on creative ways to use digital media in the classroom. Learn techniques to inspire your students and maximize the resources from Discovery Education streaming. The World is Just Awesome: Integrate it in Your Class! You will learn step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Discovery Education streaming  […]

  7. Young Scientist Challenge Webinar PowerPoints

    Forgive the quick post, but we are getting lots of requests for the PowerPoints used in the webinars for the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. They are posted below. Students and DEN teachers each have their own category so each have their own PowerPoint. Student Challenge PowerPoint Teacher Challenge PowerPoint We have recorded the webinars and […]

  8. It's a Wrap – VoiceThread Wednesday Workshop

    This one is literally ‘hot off the presses’.  Just logged out of a very informative session with Celestia on using VoiceThread, converted my snapshots, uploaded them to Flickr….and here we are! If you were unable to attend tonight’s session, please make sure to visit ‘Things I Can Do in the Second Life World but Cannot […]

  9. Constructivist Consortium Reading List

        The Constructivist Consortium was formed in 2007 by leading educational technology publishers, and is committed to student empowerment, creative applications of computers, and the availability of high-quality open-ended materials. Gary Stager, Executive Director of the Consortium, has put together a recommended reading list. Check out his picks at:

  10. International Student Media Festival

        The International Student Media Festival celebrates outstanding classroom media projects. Students and teachers from kindergarten through college are honored in a three-day event that includes workshops, screenings of winning entries, and an awards ceremony. This festival has now grown to be one of the oldest and largest events of its kind. Sponsored by […]

  11. 'TO DO' Prior to Tomorrow's Wednesday Workshop

    Don’t forget!  Cel is presenting at DEN in SL tomorrow evening on VoiceThread.  In order to make full use of this wonderful opportunity, please make certain that you sign up for a *FREE* VoiceThread account.  If you have used VoiceThread in the past, did you know that for a mere$10 (less than 2 grande lattes […]

  12. Podcasting Audacity Guide PPT

    Below you will find directions for utilizing Audacity for creating podcast.  You will have directions for basic use as well as layering audio files.  There are a number of great tutorials for Audacity as well throughout the web.  Thanks to Jannita Demian for the PPT with screenshots I look forward to hearing how other individuals […]

  13. DEN Summer Institutes: Invitation List…Check for Your Name

    We’ve had a bunch of folks who unfortunately did not receive their good news last week because of SPAM filters. So, here is the current list of STAR DEs who have applied and were accepted to attend either the LC Institute or National Institute. If you applied, check for your name and email me ( […]


    Join us on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 6:00pm EST for the first ever Mid-Atlantic DEN STAR Drive-in. What will the drive-in feature be, you ask? The DEN of course! We’ll have our DEN STARs take you behind the scenes and explain why they joined and discuss what they feel are the most important reasons […]

  15. Summer Plans and Stuff…

    How many FL DEN Stars got into the Summer Institute up in Silver Spring? I know a few from the top of my head that are going to the LC Institute. This will be the first summer in 2 years for me not doing any DEN summer events and it has me hurting. I will […]

  16. Listen to Bill Nye for Earth Day

    For Earth Day, listen to our podcast with Bill Nye—comic, engineer, and science guy—and learn his thoughts on global warming and sustainable living. He even tells us about his new show—Stuff Happens—that will air on Discovery’s new channel: Planet Green (which debuts in June). You can play the interview, view the show notes and subscribe […]

  17. Empowered Education Awards

    I’m not sure how I missed this one. I’d like to blame it on my end of January traveling or my grandson’s birth, but I actually had a press release buried in my email weeks before that. “Our goal with the ‘Empowered Education Awards’ is to discover and celebrate the accomplishments of some of America’s […]

  18. World Feel a Little Green Today?

    Did you wake up a little greener today? Maybe? Today we celebrate Earth Day. People across the globe will refrain from flicking that cigarette butt out there car window on to the highway. The buses and trains will be a little more crowded than usual. You’ll bring your own organic cotton bags to the grocery […]

  19. Student Technology Fair

    We are extending the deadline for registration for the student technology fair to May 1st, and we are waiving the $10 fee.  Please consider encouraging students to participate. ITEC and GWAEA are sponsoring a Student Technology Fair at GWAEA the morning of May 15th. Students can submit projects in the following categories: Multimedia, Web Presence, Programming, Video or Linear Presentations, […]