Daily Archives: May 2, 2008

Michigan REMC 2 South – DE streaming & cheesecake

Today, about 15 educators from districts in REMC 2 South joined me for a webinar.  The topic of this webinar, Discovery Education streaming.  Why the cheesecake? Let me explain… No let me sum up.  We, the Discovery Educator Network(DEN), have a bit of a contest going on, Spring Training.  Be the state that adds the most STAR

Speedracer? No, Typeracer!

There’s one 20th Century technology skill that isn’t going away any time soon. And that’s, Typing. Yea, voice dictation is coming around, but we’re still pretty far from going keyboard-free. And while there are are hundreds of typing programs out there, there’s always room for one more. Particularly when it’s web based, cross platform, and