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ETV is at it again, folks!

ETV will be hosting ANOTHER round of free workshops this summer! The dates for the workshops are July 29-31, and seats are still available if you register soon. Topics include StreamlineSC, Web 2.0, Blogging, Google Lit Trips, Movie Maker, SMART Board, Podcasting… it’s a really long list. Don’t believe me? Then check out sessions and

More Appreciation for STARs from Our Friends at Animoto

Another “thank you,” this time from our friends at Animoto… Since launching Animoto in August of 2007, we’ve heard countless stories about how useful Animoto has been as a tool for educators to use with students. While we never originally thought Animoto would be something that could be used in the classroom, we’ve been both

DEN Spring Training: Week 5 – Game On!

Hey all you Tri-Staters….Look at these numbers!  I know you’ve got another event or two still up your sleeve, or under your cap already, so- SHARE THEM 🙂 We need your help to regain our #1 ranking! What can you do to help? Report your events (click here to be reminded of what is considered


Hello Assessment Bloggers: I am knee-deep in RTI in Illinois.  I spoke to a friend of mine who is an assessment coordinator for a district in another state, and she said her state is basically saying, “Make me!”  They don’t intend to start dealing with the mandate until 2009-2010 when they are told they have

Space- An Awesome Frontier!

Whenever you get a chance, do yourself a favor & check out this Space! What is Space? First of all, it is a GooglePage, so it’s another great example of the collaborate power of Google Applications (GooglePages is still in the Google Labs phase) Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it is a Student “Project” created

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Around the Web – Online grade-tracking programs are popular, but raise stress levels tags: edtech The New York Times reports that a profusion of online programs that can track a student’s daily progress is changing the nature of communication between parents and children, families, and teachers … and sometimes increases family tension. Citing studies showing

Teachers Appreciate Teachers

As you all have figured out, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope you’ve checked out the DEN National Blog for the freebies and discounts that can be found there. Maybe some of you heard about and took advantage of the free burrito from Chipotle yesterday. Hopefully, your administration has done something special for you