More Appreciation for STARs from Our Friends at Animoto

Another “thank you,” this time from our friends at Animoto…

animotoSince launching Animoto in August of 2007, we’ve heard countless stories about how useful Animoto has been as a tool for educators to use with students. While we never originally thought Animoto would be something that could be used in the classroom, we’ve been both surprised and inspired by hearing how effective Animoto has been. We’ve decided we feel like this is one area we can do our duty to “give back” a little through “Animoto for Education.”

We’re willing to give free All-Access to any teacher who would like to use Animoto in the classroom. All-Access to Animoto allows you to make an unlimited amount of full-length videos, all of which can be downloaded. This may make presenting in class easier when an internet connection isn’t available.

The only thing we ask is that you keep us posted with the creative ways you find to use Animoto in the classroom. Please keep us abreast to any & all cool assignments you think of that involve Animoto! Send pictures, stories, assignment ideas or requests to get your Pass extended to Rebecca Brooks at

How to use your extended All-Access code:

Go to Animoto & click on the sign-up link.

Complete your registration and enter your promo code: “discovery”

Upon successfully registering, your account will have an All-Access Pass until November 10, 2008. Without entering the code, you don’t get the Pass, so make sure to enter the code!

Feel free to use this code with your students if you would like to use Animoto in-class or with homework assignments. If you teach students who are under the age of 13 though, please be sure to check out the FAQ section of “Animoto for Education.”


  1. Katie Knapp, VA DEN LC Chair

    I keep getting an error message that there is some wrong with the site and they are working to correct the issue. Has anyone been able to sign up?

  2. Denise Thomas

    Just signed up!

  3. Diane Sidoroff

    I have an account and am trying to add in the all-access code and getting an error. Do I need to start over and create another account?

  4. Carol Anne McGuire

    Thanks Discovery!
    What a fun week you’re giving us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Carol Anne

  5. Carolyn Pitt

    Thank you so much! This is certainly an exciting week!

  6. Elizabeth

    I already have a basic, free, Animoto Account set up. After loggin in to my existing account, clicking on “My Account,” clicked on the “To purchase head here” link adn then on the “Have you a code” link where I entered in “discovery” as the code (I tried with and without the quotation marks). I got an error message that said, “Whoops, sorry that’s not a valid code.” I e-mailed the company using the e-mail address you provided us with in the blog. I will let you know what I hear in case someone else expereinces the same problem.

  7. Elizabeth

    I received an e-mail back that they were able to credit my existing account with the free 6 months All Access Pass. I logged in and I have been upgraded to the All Access Pass. I was told in my e-mail from Animoto, “You need to use the
    code upon registering… not after the fact.” So keep in mind that the code won’t work if you have an existing account, but they might credit your account if you e-mail and ask them to.

  8. Heather Blanton

    ANIMOTO is Awesome. Thanks. My students will love it!

  9. Karen McCarthy

    WOW this is great. It is much more appealing to the students that PowerPoint. Thank you Discovery ED.

  10. Dianne Krause

    Thanks this is awesome!!!

    Does anyone know how to do this if you already have an account? I tried entering the code through “my account” but it said the code was invalid. Do I have to create a new account for this?

  11. Cathy

    Oh my I love animoto thank you for sharing with us and thank you for showing it to me. I had never even heard of it! Wow

  12. Katie Knapp, VA LC Chair

    If you already have an account, just email Rebecca Brooks at She will have her “tech guy” credit your account for the 6 month, All-Access upgrade. I heard back from her within an hour of emailing her.

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