Space- An Awesome Frontier!

Whenever you get a chance, do yourself a favor & check out this Space!


What is Space?

  • First of all, it is a GooglePage, so it’s another great example of the collaborate power of Google Applications (GooglePages is still in the Google Labs phase)
  • Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it is a Student “Project” created and managed by students, for students! (created by students from the Youth Twitter Network another post for another time- stay tuned!)
  • Space is a global digital-literary magazine that presents students’ artistic work. There had been two issues published so far, and the third one is coming soon (Space Issue #2)
  • Space is a great way for students to get their personal artistic work seen as well as peer-reviewed by students from all around the globe

What kind of work Does Space accept?

  • Space accepts almost every kind of digital work- art, music, poetry, movie clips, essays, columns… any original work student want people to read, watch or listen to

How do students submit their material?

  • How to submit work to SPACE
  • Note: Submission deadline for Issue #3 is MAy 25th
  • High School Student Submissions are Strongly Encouraged!

We should definitely keep our eye on this project to see how it progresses & also share it with our students to promote the cause! AND, in the true spirit of collaboration, after you check out the project site, please come back here and leave a comment sharing your thoughts :)

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