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  1. To Transition or…

    …not to transition? That’s not much of a question unless you’re going for a cheesey, 1950’s kind of B movie trailer look. Keep yourself safe from PPTS (that’s “PowerPoint Transition Syndrome” according to my old buddy Ken Wiseman). And my new buddies Xander and Calvin make just that point in their latest ScreenNation learning video […]

  2. Free Web Streaming

       I discovered this little beauty the other day from one of the students I have. All you need is a video camera and a way to connect it to your computer. The online site ( converts the video through flash player. Once you have your account setup you are ready for live video streaming. […]

  3. Lunch & Learn with the DEN in Hamilton!

    On Wednesday, May 8, 175 Hamilton Schools staff members picked up new Mac Book Pros and attended breakout sessions throughout the day to get started using them. One highlight was the “Lunch and Learn” event sponsored by the Discovery Education Network, featuring Mike Bryant.  According to Andy Losik, one of the organizers of the day-long event, “Mike […]

  4. Call for Presenters: K12 Online Conference 2008

    The third annual K12 Online Conference will be held October 20-31, 2008. This is a wonderful opportunity for professional development which is conducted entirely online. Deadline for submissions is June 23. The theme for this year’s conference is “Amplifying Possibilities”. Accepted proposals will fit into one of four strands: Getting Started; Kicking It Up A […]

  5. heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 05/08/2008 tags: edtech Past Sites of Week – Shareology provides an online community for educators to exchange ideas tags: edtech At, a web site managed by the nonprofit Nicholas Foundation, educators can exchange best practices, review new technologies, post feedback on their innovations, learn from each other’s experiences, and find resources to help them […]

  6. WAKEUP with WakeRUpper

    Via Cindy Lane As I’ve often said, sometimes the simplest sites are the best. only does one thing and it does it well. You put in your phone number, date, time and message, and it’ll call you with it at that time. That’s it! Tadaaaaahhhh! And yet, its simplicity is its brilliance. I do […]