Archives for May 21, 2008

  1. Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

    Can’t get enough of the DEN’s amazing professional development events?  Good!  Today we are thrilled to announce a series of two-day conferences designed to enhance your use of Discovery Education’s digital media resources.  The DEN Regional Conferences (August through October) are spread out all over the country so that we can reach as many STARs as possible. Here […]

  2. Napster Goes Copy-Free

    Napster, which is now a LEGAL, paid music site, has recently reinvented themselves with a new 4.5 Version. It contains 6 million MP3 format copy-free songs. Thats right- High Quality (256 mb) mp3’s that are UNPROTECTED (That means you can easily get them onto your ipod) & Copyright FREE! No monthly membership fee- just 99 […]

  3. Leaving the Earth with the Real Buzz

    They opened the NASA film vaults and built the biggest winner since Planet Earth. The Discovery Channel premiered “When We Left the Earth” in Beverly Hills for an audience of science celebrities–and teachers. The DEN was in full force at the Paley Center for Media where they were wined and dined and shown what turned […]