Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

Just in case…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, May, not April, is the cruelest month. It’s wind up, wind down, show time with a gazillion (is that a word?) things coming and going. So, just in case, like me, you missed Jennifer Dorman’s post on Virginia’s Virtual Conference, here’s the cut-to-the-chase reminder

A Stellar Success!

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was hopping on Sunday night after the Phoenix Mars Lander successfully landed on the polar ice cap of Mars. STAR Discovery Educators and AZ Leadership Council members Darcy White, Diana Laufenburg, Allison Oswald-Keene and I were honored to represent the DEN at the JPL as history was made 422 million miles

Transforming…more than meets the eye

At the risk of sounding too geeky – I’ve renamed this blog in reference to a few different things: One of my all-time favorite cartoons, Transformers, (loved movie too) when I was growing up (ok maybe still) The Phoenix bird (see image in header) My love for technology and its impact within the classroom All

A Work Around…

We hear it all the time. “How about those closed captions for the mac?” Well, today you’re in luck! Thanks to Dennis Cowick of San Diego Unified for sharing these steps for a great work around to make quicktime play nicely with closed captioning! I tested it out and was jumping up and down for

Are You Feeling Blue?

I got this cool trick via DEN Stars, Cindy Lane and Jen Dorman and man is it cool! Did you know that you can use the blue screen feature in Windows MovieMaker?  Yeah – how cool is that?  And since MovieMaker is a free download you don’t have to purchase an expensive movie editor to