Archives for May 29, 2008

  1. Discovery Connect: When We Left Earth, The NASA Missions

    What a way to end the year, teaching and learning with our students in a national virtual premiere from Discovery Education.  And what a year it has been, with Discovery’s history making Virtual Conference in February.  Continuing to shape the future in the communications industry, Discovery Education launches the Virtual Premiere, a must-attend end-of-year-event.  Copied […]

  2. Upcoming Deadlines!

    Okay, first of all, I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I posted to this blog! It seems like when the school year starts to wind down, everything ramps up and guess what gets set aside? That’s right . . . everything we enjoy! I wanted to be sure to make everyone aware […]

  3. A Stellar Success!!

    The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was hopping on Sunday night after the Phoenix Mars Lander successfully landed on the polar ice cap of Mars. STAR Discovery Educators and AZ Leadership Council members Darcy White, Diana Laufenburg, Allison Oswald-Keene and I were honored to represent the DEN at the JPL as history was made 422 million miles […]

  4. Animal Planet Reception with Jeff Corwin

    Tomorrow night (May 30) in Philadelphia there is a special kick off reception to the Animal Planet Expo tour and I am looking for some STARs to join us.  The reception will take place in downtown Philly from 6-8 pm and will feature Jeff Corwin.  If you are interested, post a comment TODAY that includes your […]