Animal Planet Reception with Jeff Corwin

apTomorrow night (May 30) in Philadelphia there is a special kick off reception to the Animal Planet Expo tour and I am looking for some STARs to join us.  The reception will take place in downtown Philly from 6-8 pm and will feature Jeff Corwin.  If you are interested, post a comment TODAY that includes your name and email address.  I will take the first 3 STARs who post with the correct information.  You will be allowed to bring a guest as well. 


  1. Robin Ellis

    Hi Lance,
    I would be interested in coming tomorrow to the reception if you have any invitations left.
    Robin Ellis

  2. Meg

    I would love to go !!!!!!!

  3. Meg

    BTW…Meg Griffin!!

  4. Mark Perlman

    what an opportunity!!!!

  5. Vicki Green

    Count me in and I too am bringing a potential DEN STAR educator!
    Vicki Green

  6. Fred Delventhal

    I take it there is still one more pair left. I only see two people that followed directions.

    “…includes your name and email address. I will take the first 3 STARs who post with the correct information.”

    {{{{{wink wink}}}}}

  7. Diana

    very soon I will be able to take part in the Philly opportunities!!!! YAY!!

  8. Gena Price

    Oh to live in or near Philadelphia. What an opportunity! Have a great time folks.

  9. Kathryn Staton

    I think it is a great opportunity.I would be the third but I have plans tonight. Someone add your name and email address!!
    Kathryn Staton

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