Newest House On The Block

Over the year’s I’ve posted PowerPoint presentations, Word Docs, and more on the streaming A-Z blog but found that they can be hard to find the more I post.

So that said, I have created the Bird House page to post resources that I have created or collected from my tech friends. I’ll try to keep them in a themed area and somewhat organized. So check it out (look up – see its right there in the header bar) and feel free to download these resources and make them yours!



  1. Genevieve Kahlweiss


    Thanks for the Bird House. This will make it easier to find your presentations. I have used your PowerPoint presentations for my workshops with teachers. I have used the builders and the Movie Maker. I just watched the Top Ten Web 2.0 and this will be great. I will see you this summer at the institute, June 21.

    You taught me so much last year at Berkeley, I am looking forward to learning more new things. Thanks for your wonderful resources. See you soon!

    Hey, Joe I would like to see the egg picture of Matt. From one Geekybird to another! Genny Kahlweiss

  2. Denise Thomas

    This is a great way to help us access your powerpoints. Thanks Matt!

    Also, thanks for the great Day of Discovery yesterday in VA Beach. It was great!

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