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Gentle Reminder – June 4, 2008

Gentle Reminder – June 4, 2008

DATE:  June 4, 2008 WORKSHOP: Discovery Educatioin Assignment Builder PRESENTER: Cal Kjeller DESCRIPTION: Discovery Education Streaming is much more than excellent streaming videos! This presentation will take you step by step through using the Assignment Builder to create activities for your students to use both in and out of the classroom. Tips and tricks for

Earth to Teens: Help!

“MySpace/Our Planet” is the first book by the MySpace Community, and though that numbers more than 200 million people over a wide age range, the text is geared toward tweens & teenagers.  The idea is to get this crucial group of consumers to reduce the impact of how they eat, shop, do laundry, use electronics,

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Audiobooks: buy AUDIO books online at Audible.com tags: edtech Twenty Minutes for Tech tags: edtech, DEN, podcast The K12 Geek Here is a new part of the podcast called “A Teachable Moment with Jeff Corwin” with a direct link to just the interview and just a few frills. tags: edtech, blog, DEN Welcome to CMSCE