Daily Archives: June 8, 2008

DEN Jumping

This MUST be a record for me.  Every time I check my e-mail there’s something else there that warrants a post! LOL But this one is truly to good to miss!  We’ve discovered a new, fun use for the new DEN in SL HQ!  Fly to the top of the tower and get a gift

Can't Get Enough of Second Life?

Just when I ‘think’ I’ve got my time in-world under control, Celestia shoots me an e-mail about the ability to get in-world with my cellphone.  Oh dear…Guess it’s lucky for me that I live in an area full of ‘dead zones’…LOL For those who want their ‘fix on the go’, head on over to Vollee

Another Podcast

That’s right folks!  DEN in SL has been mentioned in yet another podcast.  As part of the Second Life ™ blog, the post is entitled Inside the Lab Podcast, a Discussion on Education in Second Life.  Pathfinder and Claudia (don’t you just love her headpiece?LOL) Linden discuss some of the exciting things happening in education in

It's a Wrap – DE Assignment Builder

Our Wednesday Workshop featured STAR DEN Educator, Cal Kjeller discussing DE Assignment Builder.  WOW!  What a fabulous workshop!  I was particularly impressed by Cal’s ability to multi-task so seamlessly — progressing through the slides, while inserting appropriate teleprompt style info in the chat window and still managing to respond to questions from the audience.  All