So, if you were the associate director of the American Film Institute’s Screen Education Center and had to make a ~90 second video in order to apply to attend the Google Teacher Academy, wouldn’t you bring all of the resources and talent you have access to at AFI into your entry clip? Of course not, Silly – Keep It Simple! And that’s just what Frank Gutler did to become one of the chosen 50. He even filmed himself using only the built-in iSight camera on his laptop. And Frank didn’t keep it short and to the point just in production either. In a little over a minute he explains that the research tells us WHY making videos with students is so beneficial. But let Frank tell it…

And if you’re a film fan and have Encore in your cable package, there is a great 2 hour special paying homage to film editors and film editing. I stumbled across it last night and it will be rebroadcast on June 21st at 4:35 Eastern. Did you know that movies weren’t edited until the Wright brothers took to the air in 1903? Oh wait, I think I do remember a few students’ videos where they hit record and just let it go. But that was after ’03, I think…


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