Archives for July 2, 2008

  1. Dr. Pepper Blow -Up

    LIVE from NECC!  This post was initially made live during my presentation in the Lila Cockrell Theater.  We did something in that session never done before (to my knowledge).  We pasted a live feed from a cellphone  (Mr. Steve Dembo’s) into Google Earth. Pretty fun.  We also did it here, in the blog. That’s why […]

  2. An Evernote Never Forgets

    A while ago, a friend from Diigo sent me an invite to a closed Beta release of a new Cloud-Computing tool called Evernote. It looked interesting, so I signed up. But then, like so many of the other cool tools we all come across on an almost daily basis, it sat on my computer for […]

  3. NECC ’08 Day 2

    Here’s what I saw/did on Tuesday – Great keynote done talk show style with NBC’s Lester Holt. Special Effects: Creating Movie Magic in Student Projects In addition to showing some easy ways to get special effects, he really drove home giving students as many assets as possible to help them build their stories. He […]