Archives for July 7, 2008

  1. Easily Annotate your Discovery Education streaming videos

    Think VH1’s “Pop-up Video”. I’ve come across two sites recently that allow you to upload, then annotate you’re own video. I’m sure by week end there’ll be 50 – 60 more, that’ll offer a similar service, but will stick with these two for now. YouTube: I know you shuddered, hear me out. Graspr: Relatively new […]

  2. Infinity Project Offers Scholarships

    The Infinity Project, creators of a nationally recognized curriculum designed to bring math and science to life for students in grades 6-12 through engineering principles, have announced that they will be offering professional development scholarships to 48 middle and high school teachers in the state of Texas. The Infinity Project operates with support from Southern […]

  3. Google Maps and More

      This summer has had an unbelievable beginning. Although the news on the subject has begun to dwindle an extraordinary amount of volunteers keep sacrificing their time to help out flood victims. During the first few days of sandbagging my family and I would get calls at anytime of the day saying they could use any help they could […]

  4. Hot Books from NECC

    Having just returned from NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) in San Antonio, I thought I would share books that I hope to read in the near future that were mentioned over and over again. The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky   […]

  5. New VA STARs

    We extend a warm welcome to our newest VA STARs who joined us in June. Welcome to the greatest DEN in the US!! Hampton University Anne Pierce Manassas City School District Alysia Lindsay, Ruth MacMillan Newport News Public Schools Meredith Edwards Portsmouth Public Schools Deloris Nutt Suffolk Public Schools Sharon Priest Virginia Beach City Public […]

  6. Gentle Reminder – July 9th

    Please join us this Wednesday, July 9th, as Faythe Fouroux presents, ‘Creating your class website with WebBlender’.  If you were at NECC you might have stopped by the Tech4Learning booth and perhaps even attended one of their many sessions.  Come join us this Wednesday to learn firsthand how easy and fun it is to create […]