Archives for July 10, 2008

  1. Budget Issues: One Solution (Congratulations, Jannita!)

    If we want to devote more money to education, one solution is to put more students into the system.  Hardworking DEN leader Jannita Demian is doing her part one baby at a time:  Today, David Matthew Demian was born, making Jannita and husband Laurian parents for the first time.  Matt Monjan reports David to be […]

  2. It's a Wrap! WebBlender Wednesday Workshop

    Can you say that three times fast? This week’s Wednesday Workshop was a very informative session led by DEN Guide, Faythe Fouroux, who develops her great class website using WebBlender, an application created by the folks at Tech4Learning. Faythe showed us how easy it is to create a class website using this software. It is […]