Archives for July 17, 2008

  1. Green With Envy

    The Discovery Educator Network has outdone themselves once again! This time it included a trip to their studio where STAR DE’s were given access to a professional cameraman and green screen. The session started with an overview by our own Steve Dembo who emphasized that we were to take our time and had words of […]

  2. LC stands for Labor Company

    Deep in the headquarters of the Discovery command center, the top minds of the CA LC have been hard at work planning, networking, and gathering wonderful lesson ideas to bring back and share with you all. While all this work is not compulsive, the efforts of the council members has nonetheless intensively focused. The picture […]

  3. Immersed in Technology

    This week, along with a few of my fellow Michigan DEN members, I have had an amazing opportunity for professional development. I have been attending the DEN Leadership Council Institute training at Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I have never had the chance to attend an […]

  4. Leadership Conference

    The AR DEN Leadership Council spent the week in Silversprings, Maryland at Discovery Headquarters.  The LC was able to meet and share ideas with other LC members from across the US.  Discussion on planning events for Star Members was a hot topic. Everyone had the opportunity to stand in front of the camera at the Discovery Studio […]

  5. It's a Wrap – Newbie 101 July 16, 2008

    The DEN is SL welcomed more than 17 educators to Second life on Wed at our Newbie 101 session.  Lead by JessieMarie Flannagan these new avatars were lead through the basics of communicating and navigation in SL.  We explored the menus, how to set preferences, very basic organization tips for Inventory and helped them join […]

  6. Check out the article about Hall!

    Hall Davidson has wowed the DEN Leadership Council Institute this week at Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, MD with his keynote about using cell phones in the classroom. To read more about it, check out the article that was just posted on the Education Week website. I can’t wait to see what our Leadership Council […]